What's the difference between Ko-Fi and Patreon?

Generally, Ko-Fi contains all of the content that everyone can access. It's acting as a crowdfunding campaign for the "Sleeping? That's for Losers!" DLC. Patreon is only accessible for those 18+ and has NSFW media. Therefore, most of the rewards are completely different. However, there is some overlap and I bold the overlapping rewards here!


  • Beta-Tester for SFW games

  • Sleeping? That's for Losers! DLC

  • Trinkets (some memes)

  • Digital PC & Mobile Wallpaper

  • Micah & Skrunkly Shimeji/E-Sheep

  • Your Name Voiced!

  • Any future add-ons or DLCs that we make in the future!

  • Custom Yippee!!

  • Private SFW community on Discord w/ special title "Micah's First Love"


  • Beta-Tester for SFW and NSFW games

  • An first look to everything we make

  • NSFW polls

  • NSFW Micah Yujin Fics

  • NSFW Micah Yujin Art

  • NSFW Game Content (Games that are

  • Your Name Voiced!

  • Private NSFW community on Discord w/ special titles

Why is the Google Play version not out?

There's a bug in the program that we use, Ren'Py that stops it from uploading Android builds. that was just recently found on the 15th. So even though we thought it would be on Google Play, it will be delayed. I don't know when it will be up. However, when we fix this, I'll updated it on all of my social media.

How do I change my name from "angel"?

Angel is a nickname that Micah gives you so you will be called "angel", but you'll also be called the name you input at well!

How do I download the APK version on Itch.Io?

You can view my tutorial here! If that doesn't work, please wait. Unless it's a specific bug that isn't a crash or non-downloadable, we cannot do anything at this time. There is no set date yet.

How do I get my name voiced? Are you still updating voiced names? When are the updated?

You can get your name voiced by paying for it on Ko-Fi or Patreon. We have no intentions of stopping yet! We try to update them on every 15th of the month, give or take. Sometimes we just get busy or the voice actor gets sick and it's oop! :0 But generally around that time!

Are the "voiced names" options on Ko-Fi and Patreon different in any way?

No, they're both for ERROR143 and the DLCs.

Do I have to stay a member or subscribed for Voiced Names?

Ko-Fi and Patreon are both subscription based. You don't have to stay as a member for either of them to get your name voiced. It's a one time payment, and you can leave anytime. On Ko-Fi, since I am using it as a crowdfunding site, I'll cancel after your one time payment and send you the rewards when I do. (Should be a monthly update to email at the start of January.)

Have more questions or need any help?

Join the discord server and ask for help under #ask-for-help!